Philadelphia Football Greats On Their Way To Jail

Two former NFL players were planning a “publicity stunt” that the local police had to interfere in, resulting in more than a dozen arrests. The stunt, which would have put hundreds if not thousands of people at risk, was planned for exactly eleven seconds into the National Anthem, the universal signal for the anti-cop movement.

The players, who are being held without bond due to the vicious nature of the charges, were from the late 1960s, when black players in the NFL were still a minority. Nowadays, they’ve conquered the sport, wanting to also take away the patriotic beginnings of the game people have watched on TV since the 1950s.

Marcus Black and Jimbo Brown — not either of the famous James Browns — will be transferred to federal custody as soon as the FBI files charges related to domestic terrorism. Spokesman Art Tubolls explains:

“Imagine two men in the middle of a crowd creating a disturbance with two bottles of smuggled contraband. Black had monotrilutheride diluted in orange juice, and Brown was carrying a full 20 ounces of dihydrogen monoxide. Together they aren’t deadly, but they release a distinct smelling orange vapor the pair was planning to use for theatrics.

Apparently, the plan was to yell ‘Oh my God it’s Agent Orange!’ in the right corner of the end zone, which is where the Eagles put all of the veterans who want free tickets. It…wouldn’t have been funny. People could have died. A lot of those guys are licensed to carry. Who  knows what could have happened.”

Black and Brown were locked up along with ten other people who are charged with disorderly conduct for asking the police why they were locking up two black men. Unfortunately for these young men and women of color, they backed the wrong horse. It isn’t always about your skin tone.

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