President Trump Orders DOJ To Stop Using Arabic Numerals, Another Obama Policy GONE



When fighting terrorism, it’s important to get rid of whatever policies you can that enable it. In 2011, the Obama administration made the controversial move of requiring the Department of Justice to use Arabic numerals rather than English ones when filing reports.

At the time, Fox News reported that this was a “clear nod to Al Qaeda and other factions that wish to do us harm.” And they were right. On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order rescinding the Obama policy.

“This is an important move in the fight against terrorist activity globally,” Department of Justice spokeswoman Johnna Henty said after President Trump signed the order. “Writing numbers the way terrorists do only emboldens them.”

“This may seem like a minor thing,” Henry continued, “But rest assured that it is a clear signal to ISIS and even MS-13 that we will no longer coddle them.”

White House spokeswoman Fiona Dourif told Breitbart News that President Trump is “actively seeking damaging policies like this so he may undo them.”

“With the White House preparing for a Democratic takeover of the House, it’s more important now than ever that we take care of any issues they may interfere with before they take office,” she adds.

This is just one of many damaging Obama policies President Trump has erased — and one of many he will erase before his time as President is up in 2025.

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