UPDATE: Chelsea Clinton’s Lawyer Arrested


You’ve probably heard that the body that washed up on the shore of the Ohio River was none other than former Hillary Clinton campaign aide and Chelsea Clinton’s former bodyguard, Jaeger Holpern. But some new developments in the case lead us to ask, “How high does it go?”

Sunday night, the FBI made a shocking announcement. The body appears to have been dumped just blocks from Chelsea Clinton’s penthouse in Elizabethtown, Illinois. While investigators searched the Clinton property and took some computers and other evidence, no arrest was made — until Monday morning, that is.

While it is unfortunate that every Clinton family member still walks free, Chelsea Clinton won’t have a lawyer to call when she finally gets arrested — because police just took him away in handcuffs. Earl Jorge-Penh was taken from his New Jersey home on Monday morning. According to the FBI, the details of the arrest are “classified,” but Mr. Jorge-Penh surrendered peacefully, says spokesman John Gare-Perle.

The arrest appears to be connected to the body found in the river, as Jorge-Penh was seen in the area where the body was dumped just hours before whoever killed Holpern disposed of the remains.

“Charges are still being determined,” the FBI spokesman said.

Holpern is believed to have been murdered because of recent information he provided to Justice Watch regarding the Clinton Foundation, TheBlaze reported Sunday.

Will this lead to Chelsea Clinton’s arrest? While she likely should be arrested, let’s not get our hopes up — the Clintons seem to have a way of getting out of trouble.

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