BREAKING: Trump’s FCC Shuts Down Liberal ‘Fact-Checker’ Snopes For Good has been shut down and the servers took into custody by the FCC in conjunction with a Justice Department investigation authorized by none other than James Comey when he was still a Republican operative. Snopes, a known liberal lie machine, was taken down not for lying or anything so obvious. Trump’s team at the FCC found out that they were actually scamming conservative websites.

According to the FCC, their Department of Internet Affairs and Fact-Checking Integrity has found that Snopes has violated every single rule of the International Fact-Checkers Union of Fact Checking Journalists when it decided to stop doing its job and instead go after political satire for profit. According to Director Art Tubolls:

“It’s the perfect scam. Rather than go after the actual fake news sites of the alt-right and debunk things people like…President Trump might say, this garbage operation decided to go for the money instead. First, they have a crowdfunding campaign that has raised more than $750K, and there are what…3 employees after they fired everyone? Their site is also covered in ads. It is not a non-profit.

Rather than do what they get paid to do, they follow satire around, calling it names and labelling it ‘false,’ which gives them two advantages. First, they now get a nifty free link to their awesome piece of journalism debunking a piece of pure fiction only an idiot would believe. Then, they write a hyperbolic headline of their own and promote their piece, which often gets far more play than the original. Meaning — you guessed it — the ‘fake news’ would have died on its intended page with its intended audience had it not been for Snopes swooping in to ‘save the day.’  Snopes is a scam. Run by a scam artist. They just hired an engagement expert because they were greenlighted to call satire fake news and continuing to profit from the work of other people. Hacks.

The FCC says Mikkelphuck can have his site back when he apologizes and they feel he’s matured. His dignity, unfortunately, is gone forever.

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