BREAKING: Trump Is ‘Personally Paying’ Laid-Off Federal Workers Affected By Shutdown

President Trump was willing to shut down the government to convince Democrats to fund border security. Many aspects of our government are unnecessary, so getting rid of them is a win for all of us. But you know who he doesn’t want to hurt? People.

On Sunday, the President announced that he has a solution for the thousands of federal workers currently not receiving paychecks. He’s going to pay them himself.

“President Trump will be liquidating the Trump Foundation and using the money raised to pay federal workers,” White House spokesman Bob Reynolds told Breitbart News. “We estimate that the amount, which he is choosing not to disclose, will pay those workers for at least three months This should be long enough for Democrats to rethink their position.”

President Trump is a modern hero and brilliant strategist. This makes it clear to federal workers that the President doesn’t want to hurt them and even more clear who is hurting them — the Democrat Party.

“President Trump is a modern day Robin Hood,” one federal worker told Fox News. “He takes from rich liberals and gives to the people.”

Another worker says that she was “worried” about supporting her family, but that President Trump has “given her hope.”

Liberals love to attack our President, but the fact is that he is a true humanitarian. Thank you President Trump!


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