Why Barack Obama Hasn’t Been Seen in Public in 3 Weeks

For nearly three weeks, there have been no public sightings of Barack Hussein Obama. He and his family entered the mansion in Rockwood Park on January 17th. Since then, Malia has left to go back to Harvard. Sasha is going to school regularly. Michelle left to do the Grammy’s and is seen coming and going regularly.

Barack is nowhere to be found, even though the family press releases seem to include him in their activities. At first, we thought he may be ill. Then the picture above came in, showing him in a dark SUV in Yemen with none other than George Soros.

Why is Barack Obama in India? There is only one possible reason: He’s going to use his political influence to turn the Indians against the Pakistanis and make them hate each other. It would destabilize the region and he could blame that on Trump. Since both countries are nuclear capable, they stand a good chance of blowing the Middle East off the map.

Fox News Senior Political Analyst, Art Tubolls, tells us it’s only a matter of time if he succeeds:

“Picture two cultures living in harmony for thousands of years. Along comes one guy from Africa pretending to be an American and suddenly India hates Pakistan? Luckily, the two countries share enough tradition, federal holidays and airports that it will never take hold, because if not, Eastern Europe will never be the same.”

Obama and Soros have been filmed speaking both with the Muslamic Nation and the League of Islamitites. Both are considered dangerous and both have operatives in India and Pakistan. So far the leaders of those countries refuse to acknowledge any tension, as they have children about to be married and hundreds of years of diplomacy at risk.

Obama should be locked up. At least over there if they catch him they’ll bury him up to his head and let those Egyptian mummy beetles eat his face. Allahura Ahkbari, Barry!

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