Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has 3 Bankruptcies And 4 ‘High-Value Liens’


When Democrats put Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Finance Committee, did they even check into her financial background? Not only does she have a history of multiple evictions and a 349 credit score, but new information about the horrific financial history of the youngest woman ever elected to Congress has surfaced.

According to the Financial Times, an in-depth analysis of AOC’s financial history reveals that she also has multiple bankruptcies — three, in fact. This means she has filed for bankruptcy every 3 years since she turned 18. In addition, she has three “high-value liens” for “multiple properties and cars.”

One lien is over $100,0000 for a home she purchased with her 37-year-old boyfriend at the age of 18. They stopped paying the mortgage after three months. Another of the “high-value liens” references a boat purchased from Grove Marine that is valued at $37,000. The IRS also has a $137,000 lien on her current home — an indicator she has never paid taxes a single day in her life.

As a member of the finance committee, Ocasio-Cortez is tasked with making sound financial decisions. But between her numerous liens and bankruptcies and her abysmal credit score, it doesn’t seem that she is capable of that.

She can call the GOP “intellectually bankrupt” all she wants, but if anyone is bankrupt it’s her. It’s time for her to resign. The socialists in California don’t deserve much, but they deserve more than this.

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