Democrat Congresswoman Opens Investigation Of Melania Trump’s Immigration Papers


Newly seated Democrat Congresswoman Sandra Batterly is not shy to make her opinions about President Trump known.  When one obnoxious lawmaker shouted out “impeach the motherf**ker”, Batterly shrieked with delight and added : “Amen, sister!”  During the government shutdown caused by Nancy Pelosi, the congresswoman sent the President a 30 lb box of marital aids.

The congresswoman also sent this tool with a note implying it would ease the President’s habit of inserting his head up his rectum.

Now, though, Batterly is getting personal. She has opened an active investigation with federal and immigration authorities to determine exactly how first lady Melania Trump came to the United States.  Requests have been made for her paperwork, eligability status, visa dates and stamps, and shockingly, her birth certificate.  The investigation will carry a 500 million dollar price tag.

That is money we could have used to build 83 and a third Bionic Men.

The story goes that Trump, having grown bored with his second wife, found the future Mrs. Trump through a catalog of Eastern European beet-farming women, most of whom also did some “buboska modeling”, a term similar to : “tractor whore”.  Melania was then lovingly crated and shipped to the United States, where the couple was married.  But what the congresswoman wants to see is validated paperwork.  Which may get tricky.

Many experts believe it is also tricky to rock a rhyme that’s right on time.

Is this a valid line of inquiry for a freshwoman in Congress, or just another childish Democrat quagmire to embarrass America’s Most Cheese-Puffed Commander in Chief?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.