BREAKING: Dem Astbury Leads Democrats Who Are Joining Team Trump

Another democrat is coming out in favor of our president, Donald Julius Trump.
Representative Ian Astbury of New Mexico is a lifelong liberal who has grown disenchanted with his Democrat Party, calling it “a cult”.

Astbury, known as something of a hippie radical, holds high praise for the president and described him poetically:

“Yeah you, President Trump
Sweet sensation of a nation
Oh, my soul
You’re a perfect creation”

Ian Astbury, known as the “Sun King” in NM, was elected on his promise to bring a revolution. He seems to have changed his mind. It’s expected he will be removed by his constituents who have renamed him “King Contrary Man” because of his ideological turnaround.

He described his fellow Democrats as war mongers, creating class and racial division in the USA never before seen. The Republicans under President Trump, by contrast, are described as “ the ones who will finally bring a strong and everlasting peace, dog” – “dog” or “dawg” being the hip-hop vernacular for “friend”.

Astbury went on:

“President Trump will erase the Democrat’s love removal machine. The fire woman, Nancy Pelosi, wants only to help illegals, not citizens. She sells sanctuary to criminals but ignores our own people. Pelosi is a l’il devil.”

It’s predicted by many pundits that there will be a rain of democrats leaving their party who are tired of being “wallflowers” and want to matter – to be “wildflowers”.

”The donkey is dead. The elephant is the new American HORSE”