BREAKING: Trump Tariffs On China Will Erase National Debt

President Trump is proving once again that he knows what’s right when it comes to America’s economy.

The recession creating Democrats could not stop criticizing our leader when he introduced tariffs on Chinese made goods entering the USA. “They’ll drive out manufacturing jobs”, they said. “They’ll drive up prices to consumers.” All doom and gloom. No realism to be heard, but that’s typical of the socialists, as we all know.

Tons of money has been made on China tariffs. Unfortunately, they’re not the ones paying.

In fact, aside from a few tens of thousands of jobs leaving for tariff-free nations and manufacturers passing on the costs from themselves paying the import tariffs, the opposite of the left wing predictions has proven true. The economy is booming, jobs in the low paying service sector are on the rise, and there is no end to tariffs in sight.

And now we are seeing greater benefits to import duties that nobody predicted – they are making money for the federal government hand over fist. And this with no losses to Americans except to manufacturers and the consumers!

GM is so happy with the tariffs, they’re closing plants and shipping jobs out of the country! Winning!

In fact, as economist Sasha Sandhu reports, we are making enough to make us debt-free.

“The USA has been bringing in everything from hubanubs to grommetizers from China for several decades now. We now have punishing tariffs placed on all of that. As you can imagine, that’s generating lots of moolah. It is, in fact, going to be enough to completely win out the national deficit of $798 katillion. The USA will no longer owe money to anyone.”

A debt-free America! This is a place we have not been in for over 40 years!