BREAKING: ICE Bus Driver Arrested For Dumping Busload Of Illegals At Pelosi’s Front Door

Nancy Pelosi talks a big game, but she was quick to have an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent arrested after he did what we all wish we could do: he dropped a busload of illegals off at her walled-off mansion.

Sandro Batt has been with ICE since it was created, working tirelessly to keep vermin off our streets. But when he heard Pelosi call a wall — something that would make his job easier — “racist” and “immoral” he had to make a statement.

Batt tells police that a friend remarked to him that “someone should dump a busload of them off at her mansion and see how she likes it.” And it just so happened that he had a busload of them. Batt was supposed to be transporting the illegals to a processing facility where they would receive temporary visas, food vouchers, and apartments while they awaited trial — a provision of Obama’s American Dream Act of 2009. Instead, he dumped them in the cold. Burnside, New York’s WQED reports:

An ICE agent is in hot water after refusing to do his job and dropping a busload of undocumented immigrants off not at a detention facility, but at Nancy Pelosi’s summer home right here in New York.

Sandro Batt has been charged with kidnapping, criminal mischief, and an assortment of other crimes for what he calls a “political statement opposing Democrats’ anti-wall stance.” While ICE agents are allowed to make political statements, they are not allowed to let prisoners free to make them.

Batt faces up to 20 years in jail for his crimes — one year for each prisoner he dropped off at Pelosi’s home.

Authorities caught most of the fugitives, including three who were trying to scale the 50-foot wall surrounding Pelosi’s summer home.

While what he did was technically illegal, it seems as though his message got across: walls work. And you don’t see Nancy scrambling to provide for these “people” do you?

We support Sandro Batt!

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