California Forces Fast Food Places to Give Out ‘Gender Neutral’ Kid’s Meal Toys

Governor Owen Bradley of California has signed “Sandrabatt’s Bill” into law. The bill, named for a woman whose toddler was bullied so badly at pre-school for not wanting to play with dolls, requires that all Happy Meals and other kid’s meals come with “gender neutral” toys.

Deputy Governor Stuart Boll explains:

“Sandy Batt’s little boy was raised in a traditional Christian home, where girls play with dolls and boys play with cars and guns. That’s why he was unprepared for the bullying he received when the school told him he should also play with dolls, because gender didn’t matter. because that little boy couldn’t let go of some fake Godly principle, he ended up running in front of the milk truck as it made the morning delivery.”

The little boy’s death was ruled an accident, but Sandy Batt made it an issue, arguing that the 4-year-old had killed himself by throwing his tiny head under the front driver’s side tire:

“Little M’nuk Nuk wouldn’t have done that. He was adopted from that Himalayan Whistle family and he was grateful. He was learning the American way legally, without being all illegal. We got him from that little tent city outside El Paso that they say is kids from Himalaya. We didn’t want one of them Guatelvedorans. So already he was a little brown. Now they want him to be gay too? It was too much. The Spirits of the Mesopotamia called little M’nuk Nuk home.”

Now Batt has gotten her wish. The kids of California will no longer have a choice of a boy or girl’s toy. They’ll all get something yellow or purple, meaning the de-masculation of America can continue right on the liberal schedule.

Restaurants that don’t comply will have to pay an extra 41 percent in taxes on all kid’s meals, making them not worth selling. That’s how freedom works in liberal America.

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