Lady Gaga Thanks Nancy Pelosi for Opposing Wall in Grammy Speech


In case you missed it, and most of us did thanks to the crap that passes for “music” nowadays, pop star and treasonous Trump-basher Lady Gaga won a few Grammy awards last night.  Gaga then turned her acceptance speech into a liberal soapbox, thanking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for : “destroying the racist dream of a ridiculous wall and listening to real America.”

The Speaker has been known to use Gaga’s music while working out on a heavy bag with “Trump’s Balls” written on it in permanent marker.

Lead singer Lauren Perrine of Best Rock Artist Grammy Winning Band “Sandy Battlefield” told Fox she was less than impressed.

“Well, what do you expect when Michelle Obama surprises everyone by strutting onto the stage first off?  So much for security.  See, liberals don’t care about security, especially at the border.  You know who loves Gaga’s music? Mexicans.  You go ahead and put that together.”

A recent party held by Mexican youths in Arizona paid for a Lady Gaga-only DJ with money donated by entrepreneur El Chapo.

Thankfully, Trump supporter and living legend Dolly Parton stepped up after sharing the stage with stars honoring her talent, and gave a full fisted “Heil Trump” salute to a booing snowflake crowd of Hollywood libs.  It’s called free speech, socialists.  Don’t drive yourselves gaga.