UPDATE: FBI Raids Chelsea Clinton’s Penthouse After Body Is Found In River

On Sunday, we learned that the mysterious body found in the Ohio River was none other than longtime Clinton aide Jaeger Holpern. Holpern served as a legislative aide to Clinton during both the 2012 and 2016 elections and most recently worked for Chelsea Clinton as a bodyguard.

An investigation launched by the Saint Clairsville, Ohio Police Department quickly grew to include the FBI and Secret Service. By evening, investigators traced the origin of the body, which had floated downriver from Illinois to Ohio. A fragment of the victim’s clothing was found stuck to a dock just a few blocks away from Chelsea Clinton’s Elizabethtown, IL penthouse.

Harper went missing shortly after he provided key evidence to Judicial Watch, according to a press release from the government transparency group.

On Sunday evening, FBI swarmed the building, removing multiple computers and “film negatives that were hidden behind a bookcase” according to lead investigator Ron Gajpher. Also removed was “more than $45,000 that was in a safe behind a painting” and “some marijuana.”

Gajpher says that he is not free to discuss the “ongoing criminal investigation in-depth as of yet,” but that “significant progress has been made in identifying the person or persons responsible.”

Asked if he is pursuing any leads, Gajpher said, “no comment.”

It certainly looks like Holpern is yet another body in the pile of skeletons in the closet. Hopefully, the Clinton criminal brigade will now be brought to justice.

No arrests have been made.

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