Michelle Obama on Melania Trump : ‘She Needs to Divorce Him’


Former First Lady and best-selling author Michelle Obama took a seat on popular morning show “The View” this week, and in a taped segment to air Friday, told the hosts that she thinks : “that poor little Natasha-from-Bullwinkle-talkin’ thing needs to divorce that oatmeal-filled parade balloon like, yesterday.”  The quip during a discussion of First Lady Trump raised raucous laughter and applause from the studio audience.

The View’s studio audience members are usually selected by contacting the mothers of Juggalos.

Mrs. Obama has been highly critical of Mrs. Trump ever since their first meeting in the White House during the Trump’s transition period.  It was during that meeting that Obama opined : “I think it’s sweet how you dress like you ran out of gold to dig.”  She told reporters it had been meant as a compliment, but followed up the next day at a luncheon with Hillary Clinton by remarking loudly : “I wonder if Don’s sad-ass fish-face porn hag learned her English from Russian Nickelodean, or a Teddy Ruxpin doll with one battery?”  The Trump’s did not reply to the remarks.

They were, however, contacted by official “burn notice” servers.

At any rate, many Christian conservatives find the jibes to be classless and out of line.  Many, like Trump supporter and mustard-heiress Sandra Batt, feel that the insults are borne from jealousy:

“Oh, poor old Michelle just wishes she was a beautiful and classy successful model and star-effer like Melania.  Now she sits around and writes books.  Who reads books?  I mean, hello?  We invented Netflix.  Get with the times, sweetheart.”

The episode will air Friday morning on CBS after it’s lead-in program : “Gay Guy and Cute Milf”, who will feature guest Henry Winkler.