BREAKING: Malia Obama Busted With Cocaine And Other Drugs In Chicago

Malia Obama was once again arrested at al party outside Chicago after a neighbor called in a complaint about noise. When police arrived, they didn’t expect to find what they saw — the daughter of former President Barack Obama coked out of her gourd and rolling around on the floor.

According to Chicago Police Chief Darren Snyder, Malia Obama had “imbibed multiple bindles of cocaine” at a party with at least 14 other friends when she began “wildly throwing lamps and other furniture around the room” while “howling like she was dying” and “screaming numerous anti-white phrases” like “I hate crackers” and “my dad should have killed all the whites.”

Obama was arrested at 8 PM on Thursday after the neighbor called in the tip. She was charged with possession of numerous drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, a new street drug called “bloogies.” She was also charged with being under the influence of a narcotic and not sharing as well as multiple counts of petty theft after a search of her belongings yielded many items reported missing by their owners during the party.

Obama was bailed out “almost immediately” by her father, who flew in from a fundraiser in Washington, DC to rescue his precious little girl. He declined to comment to reports, asking them to “respect Malia’s privacy during this difficult time.”

According to Police Chief Zach Brannigan, Obama had enough drugs on her to “tranquilize a moose.”

Malia Obama faces up to 14 years in prison for her crimes, but will probably get nothing because of her father’s extensive influence.

It’s completely unreasonable that the Obamas get away with so much. They spent more than 9 years robbing our country blind and now their daughter gets away with anything she does just because she has the same last name.

It;’s time for Americans to demand equal treatment for the Obamas as the rest of us receive. Let’s face it: if we had done even a fraction of what she did, we’d be in prison — not walking the streets doing cocaine and bloogies like some sort of drugged-out American movie star. But the Obamas don’t care about rules and never have. Nor do they care about laws. Or sea turtles. The Obamas simply don’t care.

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