BREAKING: Arbys Removes All Pork From Menu After Complaints From Muslamics

Do you enjoy a nice roast beef sandwich with bacon or pulled pork? Not anymore you don’t — not if you’re going to Arby’s anyway. The company responded to a call-in complaint campaign from Muslamics regarding their decision to sell pulled pork and bacon, which campaign organizers call “the devil’s meat” and “evil.”

The campaign was organized by Althaalil al-Sharj, an Imam at the Muhammad Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. He and his group, Lahm Alkhinzir Ladhidh — translated as “No Pork Forever” in English — encouraged Muslamics across the country to call Arby’s corporate and complain that the pork sales was a “violation of their religion.” Unfortunately, the campaign worked.

On Monday, Arby’s announced a “major menu change” that will remove all bacon and pulled pork from their menu “effective sometime in the middle of March.”

“We respect everyone’s religious beliefs here at Arby’s and this was one area where we could have done better,” said CEO John Blair. “We will be more sensitive to the beliefs of all our customers, Christian Jew or Muslim, from here on out.”

This decision is disappointing, as this means that the triple-bacon BLT will no longer be available. In addition, the “Cow, Chicken, Pig, and Hog” — a sandwich the restaurant chain planned to release next month that featured a chicken patty topped with roast beef, pulled pork, and bacon — will not be released thanks to the decision the company made.

This is disgusting. Muslamics are allowed to have their own beliefs, but now they are deciding for the rest of us what food is available. This is America — they can like it or get out!

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