Pelosi Gun Bill Includes : ‘Confiscation Upon Suspicious Behavior’


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemingly won’t rest until she’s tried her hardest to disarm the American citizen.  Her latest bill put forth to Congress, 316-55, titled : “The Firearm Security Act”, contains a list of measures to be adopted.  Among a federal registry, a push for safety locks, and a bullet tax, section C-MNN uses the language : “…police officers and federal officials may confiscate the firearm of any individual exhibiting suspicious behavior.”  Suspicious behavior?  And what exactly defines that, Nancy?

Well, I suppose if then guy has a douchy face, dresses like a douchy Woody from Toy Story, and douchily flashes his dickpistol in the Denny’s overflow lot, then he’s probably okay.

N.R.A. associate President Richard Rodman spoke about the bill at a shooting range in Dustyballs, Arizona.

“This is completely unconstitutional.  The second amendment clearly states ‘shall not be infringed.’  Speaker Pelosi is infringing the hell out of this.  No infringement.  Americans carry guns.  They just do.  God, I love guns.  My wife, meh.  But guns? I could make sweet love to my gun.  You can edit that part out, right?  I have to change my pants.”

Gun advocate and professional table dancer Tomi Lahren says you can pry her gun from her cold, dead hands. Just when you do, don’t break the methpipe in her pocket. She wants to be buried with that one.

Pelosi’s bill will probably sweep through the newly Democratic and largely estrogenic Congress, but hopefully, it will be blocked in the Senate before President Trump has to go through the trouble of dropping a veto suplex on the harridan.  Also, let’s get that wall built before a crappy Macedonian troll page like toptopic steals this article and falsely presents it as true to morons.