Muslammic NJ Mayor Arrested After Threatening Town Hall With ‘Shawarma’

When Hoboken, New Jersey elected Muslammic high priest Ravi Bhalla as their mayor, they weren’t expecting this. Bhalla has repeatedly made some big promises — a $20 an hour minimum wage in Hoboken, an elimination of “all city income tax by December,” and many other things that sound good but are almost unattainable. But when Bhalla’s ideas are challenged, he reverts to the usual barbaric tone that is typical of Muslammics.

At a town hall on Saturday, a resident asked Bhalla what he plans to do “about all the homeless people lining the streets.”

“You promised an ‘immediate reduction in the homeless population,'” said resident Betty Carmichael. “But your policies have created new homelesses. What do you plan to actually do to feed and house these people?”

Bella’s eyes filled “with rage,” according to local newspaper The Hoboken Reporter. “You want to know what I will do?” he snapped. “I will round each and every one of them up — and you too — and I will bring Shawarma down upon all of you.”

“It will be an explosive evening,” Bella added. “So if you want to keep messing with me, I will make you eat it.” He was apparently talking about an explosion.

Residents “cleared out” of the building quickly after that. Police searched Bhalla’s home, they found “materials for making Shwarma as well as other explosive ordinances.”

Bhalla is expected to be impeached “within a few days” and faces “up to 20 years in prison” according to the Hoboken Police Department.

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