BREAKING: Stone Cold Steve Austin Just Opened Up A Can Of Whoopass On Ihlen Omar

No one is more afraid of Muslamics invading his country more than 36-time WWE World Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin. In 2003, Austin told TMZ that Islamitites in Congress would be the “beginning of the end of America.” His feelings have not changed.

“They don’t serve their nation or even God,” he said in the February 29, 2003 interview after a house show in Denver, Colorado. “They serve Allah above all else, even their own countrymen.”

Now, there are two Muslamics in Congress — Democrats Keith Ellison and Ihlen Omar. Omar even wears a hijab to work, as though she wants us to know she is there to serve her Moon God Allahu.

“Ihlen Omar has the audacity to wear that thing on her head after I served to defend her right to live here?” Austin, who served in the U.S. Special Forces in 1974-1982, says. “Her religion should be left at the doorstep when she comes through those doors as a legislator.”

“Someone oughtta stomp a mudhole right in her ass,” Austin says. “In fact, let her get in the ring with me and I’ll do it my damn self. America is for Americans.” Omar immigrated to the United States from Palestine in 1987 with her parents.

“It makes me sick,” Austin told TheBlaze on Sunday. “I said it before and I’ll say it again: Muslamics is not good for Democracy.”

“I know President Trump and I had a fake beef when I was wrestling, but he’s the real deal,” Austin told the publication. And that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!”

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