BREAKING: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Tells Kids ‘Santa And Jesus Are Black’ And ‘Allah Is God’

MSNBC host Joy Reid is now in hotter water than the time all those anti-gay tweets were discovered on her timeline. In the Saturday edition of “Morning Joy,” she upset a lot of people with a “message for all the kids out there.” That message? Santa and Jesus are black.

We’ve all seen pictures of what experts say Jesus looks like. He is described in the Bible as having “fair white skin like porcelain.” And we’ve also seen pictures of Santa Claus with his white skin. But according to Reid, these societally-accepted depictions of both historical figures are wrong. Because she says so.

“I have a message for all the kids out there,” Reid told her audience. “Santa and Jesus are black.” She then showed a photo of a black mall Santa and a photo of “Black Jesus” from the Adult Swim TV show, which was meant to be a satire.

If you thought it ended there, you’re wrong. She later told “the kids” that “Jesus was a nice guy, but he wasn’t God.” She added: “Allah is the one true God.”

A spokesman for MSNBC told Fox News that “Ms. Reid is allowed per her contract to express her own views and we aren’t going to stop her.”

“Besides, there is strong evidence that both Santa and Jesus are black,” the spokesman continued. “And Allah simply means ‘God’ anyway. Arab Christians also call him Allah.”

According to resident MSNBC Muslamic Fallah Himbob Sandhu-Allahu, the “idea that Santa and Jesus are white is silly.”

“The Quran references Jesus as being “as black as a lump of coal” in the Book of Abdu, chapter 231 verse 27. It also references the man Christians would call Saint Nicholas as an “olive-skinned perverted toucher of children” and a “deceiver.” Neither of these men are as Christians represent them.

Currently, Christians are boycotting Reid’s show.

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