Deep State Supreme Court Is Undoing All Of Trump’s Work

It’s the supreme deep state!

Donald Trump has made it his life’s work to Make America Great Again, and twice this week the Deep State that’s implanted in the Supreme Court has ruled against him.

First, it was gay rights, and now it’s illegal dreamers. This is not what our founders envisioned. At all!!!

Supreme Court spokesman Joseph Barron said these should have been open and shut easy cases for Trump to win, and the fact that they didn’t is a sign that the Deep State is in the Halls of the Supreme Court. 

“These were obviously cases of national importance. We have two groups, gay people and dreamers who are trying to have the same rights as every other American. It’s just not right!”

It looks like it all comes down to hate. That’s all this looks like. Pure hate.

What other reason could there be??

If only there was a book and a document we could all look to, that would instruct us as to what to do about these subjects!! The fact that the Supreme Court is taking away Americans’ rights to discriminate against everyone they are afraid of, don’t understand or simply don’t like. It’s unfair to white conservative Christians who happen to think they own this country. How dare the Supreme Court takes away bigots’ rights to discriminate????

Its almost as if the Supreme Court doesn’t like Trump and is showing it with their political activism, which is exactly why Trump put conservatives on the Supreme Court in the first place!! Won’t someone think of the ignorant, hateful far-right?? They took away the confederate flag now they’re taking away the right to be hateful bigots!

There are two choices here. It’s either the Supreme Court is full of Deep State operatives hellbent on destroying the president, or, even a Supreme Court stacked with conservatives that don’t believe in hate. In either case, it’s just not fair for those Trump supporters who believe they are victims of prejudice by a world that thinks so little of them. 

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