Malia Obama’s Biological Mother Reveals The Truth About Michelle

Michelle Obama has been lying for 21 years, and now there’s proof. Her “daughter,” Malia, isn’t her daughter at all, according to a woman claiming to be the young woman’s biological mother.

Verified sources that may or may not have worked for the Obamas in Chicago tell us that the woman in question, Sandy Batt, has proof to back her claim and a bunch of interesting stories to tell. One of those sources, who agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity, says Michelle is doing way more than deceiving the American people:

“Ms. Batt is a wealthy Caucasian woman from upstate New York who made a mistake and cheated on her husband, who has just recently passed. She spent the last 4 months of her pregnancy hiding out in Chicago, where she met Michelle and Barack, who were both still men at the time. She agreed to give them the baby and $4 million to care for her, which they used to buy positions of power.

“Ms. Batt gave up the kid and went back to her husband, who never knew what happened. He never would have guessed that his wife had an affair with a black man. In fact, she said that had the baby been white, she probably would have kept her.

“Over the next decade, the Obamas demanded more and more from her, amassing a huge fortune off of someone else’s mistake. Now that her husband has died, she wants to set the record straight.”

So not only did the Obamas fake being real parents, they also extorted this poor woman for millions until they had enough to buy Barack a Senate seat, which he used to illegally take over the White House. Batt also confirmed that Obama is a Muslim from Kenya, something he admitted to while she was staying with them.

Just another day of corruption and lies from the former First Family, which isn’t really a family but a collection of lies.

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