President Trump Donating Hotel Rooms to Homeless Vets

The truth is right there in front of you

Donald Trump is known as a very generous person, he gives his presidential paycheck to help Americans and even ran his own charity in New York that was a smashing success. Now, he’s gone even further and is opening select hotels to homeless veterans for them to stay in.

Trump properties in New York, New Jersey, and Las Vegas, Nevada will be welcoming veterans in those areas at 10 percent discounted rates, if they can provide proof that they were active duty and not captured, as Trump loves military members who weren’t captured. The program is slated to start June 1, 2021, granted the hotels are at less than 85 percent capacity and not on weekends.

Joseph Barron, Spokesman for The Trump Organization, spoke to us about the program.

“Everyone deserves to stay in luxury, especially our well-deserving veterans. We know this is a tough time for everyone, so, through our President’s enormous generosity, we are happy to offer this program to our veterans, granted they can come up with the required documentation and funds to stay at poor properties.” Barron said about the program.

Staying at the properties will offer other perks like discounted meals, shows, and other amenities, usually reserved for guests paying full price. Buffets will be excluded, however, because of health reasons. 

“We can’t just have people off the streets just digging into barely edible ribs and steaks that are in the open, we need to use some kind of decorum here,” the statement continued.

There will also be a special entrance around the back for the honored guests, as the Trump Organization doesn’t want them mingling with other guests and creating a scene. The rooms will be on the lower floors of the hotel, away from the casinos as the Organization doesn’t want them begging people for money. They’ve really thought of everything here!

When questioned why it will not begin until 2021, the Trump Organization said “in case of a Trump loss in the election, we can pull back from this publicity stunt and pretend it never happened, with less damage to the President.”

Smart thinking, chaps.

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