FBI Ignored Evidence That Hillary Clinton Put A Hit Out On Bret Kavanaugh

The Department of Justice has reportedly uncovered evidence that Hillary Clinton had a hit put out on Bret Kavanaugh a week before he was sworn in, but James Comey and the FBI covered it up. According to a leaked report from the White House:

“Clinton paid more than $5 million in retainer fees to hitmen across the country to eliminate Bret kavanaugh. She was questioned by then-Director Comey himself, and let go — even though there was physical and circumstantial evidence to prove she wanted him dead.”

The report was intentionally leaked from Mick Mulvaney’s office in the hopes that the American people would see first-hand just how sick the Clinton Crime Family can be. According to Presidential aid, Art Tubolls:

“James Comey let a murderer go, and he has to pay for that. She has to pay for her crimes. Our sources say Clinton traded the promise of a high-ranking Deep State position for Comey’s silence, along with several million dollars in negotiable Yogi Bera bonds.”

How she keeps getting away with this stuff is simply outrageous. Hopefully, this time AG Barr will step in and issue a warrant for her arrest personally and seize all of her assets. That’s what she really deserves.

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