Georgia Governor Orders DA to Drop Charges Against Brunswick Father and Son

The Truth is right in front of you

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has stepped into the murder case against Gregory and Travis McMichael in Brunswick, Georgia, calling it a travesty and to stop letting the media decide the fate of the two men accused of murder.

It started it out in February as 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was jogging in a Brunswick neighborhood, and the McMichaels didn’t believe he belonged there, so they did what every other red-blooded MAGA hat-wearing American would do, and shot him several times after hunting him with their pick up truck. The two believed they were heroes, and Kemp called them “fine men.”

Gregory McMichael, 64, is a retired police officer and investigator for Glynn County Georgia, in which the DA and police department had a troubled history of covering up crimes within the department, tampering with crime scenes, and officer retaliation. McMichael was used to just randomly shooting people who committed no crimes, so this probably came naturally to him.

The DA and Brunswick police initially didn’t press charges, and the McMichaels were free up until someone uploaded the video to social media, which showed them murdering the man in cold blood. The liberal Georgia Bureau of Investigation then filed charges against the two, against the wishes of the governor and other Republican lawmakers in the state, who generally applaud and encourage these types of things.

Many are hoping for a swift outcome and justice to prevail in this case. The fact it took 74 days from when the shooting took place to the arrests is just astonishing, showing the good ole boy network in Georgia is as strong as it’s ever been. Kemp’s spokesman Joseph Barron believes that as a matter of fact, most believe that the McMichaels would have never faced charges had the video not been released and went viral. The McMichaels are currently being held without bond and we are hoping for video inside of the jail when they hit the general population.

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