Japan Snubs Trump and Removes Embassy from United States

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan announced that they will be removing their embassy from the United States, calling our great nation ‘A third rate, third world banana republic’.  Shows what he knows.  We don’t even grow bananas in this country.

Japan, which is best known for outstanding sushi, curry, and ramen, amazing public transportation, courteous and respectful people, anime, and dozens of different flavors of Kit-Kats, has not given a timetable on when they will leave.

It is unclear on whether anyone will notice that the embassy is gone, but Mrs. Clemmon’s 4th Grade class at Rushmore Elementary School in Aberdeen, South Dakota wrote this sendoff to the Japanese for when they eventually do self-deport.  Truly inspiring.

Japan’s had enough…Their embassy will be gone…A short time from now.

They believe we’re crap…A third-world leaderless place…Not worth any time

They cannot stand Trump…Fact is that they are jealous…Because he’s our man

They don’t respect us…The truth is that they’re afraid…Of our great power

If they fight, they’ll lose…To our great military…Just like in the War

Enough disrespect…If they want to leave, let them…They’ll come crawling back

We do not need them…They are dependent on us…To keep them all safe

Tariffs will be paid…We will keep America great…With Japanese yen

Abe will kiss up…To our perfect President…Long may he rule us

We will not forgive…Harsh words to our Dear Leader…We’ll be watching you

As for the haiku…There’s nothing left to say but…Refrigerator.

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