Nancy Pelosi Restricts Trump’s Capitol Building Access: ‘He’s Not Welcome Here’

In an unprecedented move that shows just how much Nancy Pelosi is willing to hurt the President, she has rescinded his open invitation to visit Capitol Hill. “He’s not welcome here,” Pelosi said as she stormed out of a press conference, “he’s a disgusting human being.”

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has exclusive rights to approve or deny entry to anyone who is not an elected member of Congress. Until now, no Speaker has ever exerted that right against a President. According to Pelosi’s official spokesman, Art Tubolls, the move may be unorthodox, but it’s well within her power:

“The US Constitution clearly states that the Speaker of the House is responsible for oversight of the House guest list. The President’s name has typically always been added as a courtesy. She no longer sees a reason to extend that courtesy to this President.

“As long as he refuses to testify, offer evidence, and order his staff to cooperate with Congressional subpoenas, he can stay over there in the Oval Office bathroom flushing the toilet and tweeting like an angry adolescent.”

The Republicans in Congress have filed a motion with the Supreme Court to have Pelosi’s power to restrict the Chief Executives access rescinded. Lindsay Graham says that this kind of thing is exactly why he’s decided to go all-in and support the President’s every mov3e:

“I’m on his side. Democrats think he must have some kind of evidence against me, which is why I changed from despising everything about him to supporting him unequivicolly, but it’s actually much simpler. I’d sell my own mother to own the libs.”

That sentiment seems to be running rampant these days, with conservatives all across America willing to do and say things they wouldn’t normally do or say because making liberals upset is so much fun. Finally, politics has moved into an era we can work with.

God bless America.

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