NY Gov. Cuomo Legalizes Throat Punching Those Refusing to Wear a Mask

The truth is right in front of you

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has effectively locked his state down to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and infections have been trending downward. A large contingency of patriotic New Yorkers believe that it is now time to open the economy back up and drop the restrictions.

Drunk on power, the Democrat governor has refused to give in to any of the demands of the protesters and has doubled down on the lockdown. Not only did he make it mandatory for anyone in the state to wear a mask at all times, but he also signed an executive order legalizing throat punching anyone who has elected to not wear a mask.

Sandy Batt, of Rochester’s Times Union Newspaper, caught up with Henrietta resident Melissa Coultas, who was sporting two pairs of brass knuckles, ready to begin exacting justice upon the ignorant masses.

“I bought these things at the beginning of the pandemic to protect my 136 rolls of toilet paper. Now, if you look around, you see a whole lot of people crying about government overreach but not caring about the health others and their potential impact. These people are going to cause a second wave and maybe a third wave.

It’s good that the governor takes after his father. Cuomo. Now that’s a good name. Sounds tough. Unlike the so-called president, our governor is allowing us to take care of ourselves. Soon they’ll see me coming and they’ll put their masks on around me out of self-preservation. That’s how it should be. We can end this pandemic, one throat punch at a time.”

It’s just like that movie about the purge when everyone could do whatever they wanted without police interference.  Castaway. Much as we all cried when Tom Hanks lost Wilson, we will undoubtedly cry more if that insane governor continues to flout decency and the rule of law in his state.

Speak up, call the governor’s office, and tell him that you won’t allow anyone to punch you in the throat, patriots!

No one makes you bleed your own blood. No one!

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