DOJ Orders Raid On Obama Compound After Massive Fraud Found In Audit

Valentine’s Day at the Obama compound in Chicago started off with a bang. A bang at the door and then dozens of federal agents making their way through the Chicago home.

Newly released documents reveal that DOJ head William Barr ordered the raid after the former First Family filed their 2019 taxes. The Obamas are suspected of massive tax fraud and other tax irregularities stemming from their “charitable organizations”.

The state of Illinois has also frozen the Obama Foundation after a year long investigation, finding charity monies spent on golf trips, political campaigns and a Los Angeles clinic called “ Transitions”.

“We are looking all the way back to 2008, when Mr Obama was elected President,” said William Barr. “There are so many instances of fraud, it’s unbelievable!”

Investigations began when a tax document from 2019 was discovered signed “Michael Soetoro”, long thought to be Michelle Obama’s actual name, according to sources.

“The fraud is systemic and disgusting,and has gone on for years” added White House assistant counsel Jackson Wayte.

Chicago DA Joseph Barron, who did not want to be interviewed but did say on record that stealing this from military charities was too much for him, as he angrily made his way to the courtroom.

President Trump was kept abreast of the unfolding raid, in shock and disbelief. He has always held steadfast to the belief that Obama was a good man, who he had great respect for.

“Who would steal from a children’s charity???” He said, adding that the amount of time golfing during Obama’s presidency was also concerning.

“There’s no time for that when you’re pretending to make America great again!!”  The magnitude of this will rock the DNC, finally showing America what we already knew. Obama is a crook. Thank God for our President and DOJ for uncovering the real story.

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