Trump Strongly Considering Pardon for Roger Stone

Oh, this is going to make the libtards mad — so mad.

After all of the prosecutors on the Roger Stone case quit because they know the man is innocent, President Trump is strongly considering just pardoning Stone to get it done and over with.

This is the last remaining piece of kindling of the Russian Witch Hunt Hoax that the liberals are holding on to. Since they have already lost every other round, Trump is rolling over the idea of just putting them out of their misery and canceling the whole dang thing.

The justice department is ours! Take that democrats! We win and you lose.

Trump has earned that right as President. Especially after all the democrats have put them through in his first term as the greatest president ever to grace the United States of America.

White House Spokesperson Clint Torres, whom we assume the president doesn’t know the whereabouts of, said:

“President Trump is giving strong consideration to pardoning Roger Stone. He knows his good friend has done nothing wrong and feels strongly that it is his duty as the imperial leader of this land to do the right thing. There is zero evidence that Roger Stone broke the law in anyway.”

Regardless of if Stone is actually guilty of the crime or not, his conviction needs to be overturned because President Trump only picks the best people and clearly no judge or jury should go up against him. A true patriot pardons felons when they are on your team.

Teams matter. And, our team is winning! That’s the American way. Screw your feelings!

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