Hillary Clinton Endorses Bernie Sanders for President


Pigs have flown, hell has frozen over, and Hillary Clinton has endorsed Bernie Sanders in his bid to become our 46th President. Speculation was that she would give her endorsement to Joe Biden, however, this move has managed to catch everyone by surprise.

Mrs. Clinton is expected to bring tens of millions of voters with her to team up with Senator Sanders and take full control of the House of Representatives and the Senate for the Democrats. However, upon a closer look, this may actually be an attempt on her part to sabotage Senator Sanders and deliver the election to President Trump.

Art Tubolls, style director for the Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle explained how this could work against Senator Sanders.

“Hillary Clinton is the most reviled person in history, and she knows it. She understands that her 2016 base now is well aware of the truth about her and will probably not follow her lead with this endorsement.  She believes that the Bernie Bros cost her the election in the key swing states by staying home.

“She talks a good game about voting ‘Blue No Matter Who’ but it is simply not true where the Senator is concerned.  Furthermore, I feel that the way that she is thrusting herself into the spotlight is a real sign that if she couldn’t be President as a Democrat then she will do everything in her power to ensure that no one else will as long as she is alive.”

Mr. Tubolls may have a valid point. We could not find a reporter who was brave enough to ask Mrs. Clinton about her true intentions in endorsing Bernie Sanders, although true patriots everywhere have been heard saying “I hope this is true!”

We dodged a bullet when we overwhelmingly voted in our beloved Donald Trump in 2016 and must remain vigilant so we do not fall victim to this latest potentially deceitful tactic.

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