Taxpayers Pay over $25 Million a Year to Keep RBG Alive

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

The General Accountability Office has reported the costs associated with government officials and their healthcare costs. While it cost taxpayers nearly nothing to care for our president, Donald Trump, as he’s very fit and eats right, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s healthcare costs are astronomical.

When the report was filed, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s healthcare costs were over $25,000,000 a year — $25,734,546.28 to be exact. While she is at an advanced age, her refusal to take care of herself adds additional burdens on taxpayers.

At 87 years old, she is still a heavy smoker and drinker and she dines on a massive amount of fast food and other red meats.

GAO manager, Joseph Barron has released the report and voiced his concerns with the amount every year. For the last five years, her healthcare costs were right around $25 million a year. She’s had several surgeries, essential and nonessential that rings up this massive bill every year.

Since 2015, she’s gotten four heart valve replacements, three hip replacements, nine heart attacks, two knee replacements, one overdose, and a hair graft, plus she changes her merkin at least twice a year. Her maintenance costs have risen with her age, and her resistance to change has added to this.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been brought back to life several times as well. Democrats refuse to let her die, especially Nancy Pelosi, who has power of attorney over RBG’s health. Pelosi has said she can’t lose her best drinking buddy.

Government officials have done what they could, including removing the bar from her office and restricted smoking in the courthouse. She’s given the proverbial finger to any and all suggestions and doctor’s orders.

“I’m 87 years old!!! Just let me enjoy what’s left of my life!!!”  

When told of the costs associated with her care, she shrugged her shoulders, saying Americans should be happy to take care of her, since she’s the Notorious RBG, and a national treasure. She then put her unfiltered cigarette out, chugged a whiskey rye, and got on her Harley Softail and left. 

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