Pelosi Blocks Stimulus to Open-Carry States over Protests

Isn't this a violation of the 2nd Amendment?

After multiple news reports of armed protesters crowding into Michigan and other state capitol buildings in an attempt to intimidate Democrat Governors and lawmakers to end statewide lock-downs, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she will withhold federal stimulus funding for states that allow the armed protests to continue.

Pelosi plans to use a budget provision that is found in the Patriot Act, which was signed into law after 9/11. The provision was designed to prevent funding for terrorist groups.

Congressional Correspondent Art Tubolls spoke to Pelosi outside of her office this morning, where she provided the following details:

We see what is happening with these armed protestors in our state capitols and it’s unacceptable. Governors and state lawmakers have a right to come to work and do their jobs without being threatened by a bunch of domestic terrorists with guns. I know that states with Democrat governors would like to ban Open Carry, or at least ban firearms on government property, but Republican state legislators won’t let that happen. By withholding stimulus funding from those states, we can force Republican legislators to act on this gun-ban legislation.

People have a 1st Amendment right to protest , but this Bacon Grease Brigade is nothing but a small group of angry incels who are afraid to go to the corner store for a loaf of bread without an assault rifle slung over their shoulder. If they want to protest, they need to leave their penis replacements at home. We’re going to make sure that happens.

Speaker Pelosi’s plan raises plenty of 2nd Amendment issues. This looks like just another Democrat attempt to take away our freedoms, grab our guns and turn America into just another Socialist country.

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