Trump to Sign Executive Order Banning Federal Funds to Blue States

President Donald Trump has been relentlessly trying to Make America Great Again, which is just a catchy way of saying that he wants to tear down everything that his inferior predecessor did in his attempt to destroy America.

As reported on this very same satire network, Barack Obama held a private meeting between all of the Democrat governors and was able to get them to agree to keep their states’ economies closed to ‘stick it to Trump’.  It is a well-known fact that the blue states are a drain on the Federal Budget.  The President is keenly aware of that and has offered a unique solution.

He will use his Article 2 powers to sign an Executive Order that will end funding to all Democrat governed states, to be effective immediately upon signing.

Latest Acting White House Press Secretary Joe Barron shared this:

“They’re insane.  Does anyone think that the country will notice if California, Washington, New York, and Illinois remain shut down?  How, exactly, is that any different from when they weren’t?  This administration didn’t even count their unemployment figures because they don’t factor in when people aren’t looking for work.

That’s almost 79 million freeloaders between those 4 states that want handouts and aren’t even looking for a job.  At an average of $20,000 spent per lazy liberal, we will save about $1.6 Trillion per year.  Obviously, this will have the added benefit of a budget surplus that will lead to paying off the national debt in its entirety in the next 5 years.”

An independent fact check is expected to verify the level of drain that those 4 states are on our economy alone.  We can get to a budget surplus, pay off the national debt, and own the liberals with one vote this November.  Vote for President Donald Trump and Keep America Great Again!

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