Democrat Governors Will Not Open States to Spite Trump

The truth is the last thing you’ll believe.

Democrat governors all over the United States say they refuse to open their states to spite Trump, and republican Trump supporters in their states. “Let them protest, we won’t open until Trump is gone!” one of the democrat governors exclaimed.

Joe Barron, a Trump supporter from Oregon expressed his disdain for this decision.

“I want to go to the bar and get knock out drunk, it’s my constitutional right as an American to do that, and then risk arrest for drunk driving! It’s my right to do dumb stuff!” 

When asked why he couldn’t do it at home, he explained his dad gets angry at him and usually drinks all of the booze himself.

While some states are, unbelievably, opening tattoo shops, salons, spas and even movie theaters, in direct opposition to what the guidelines are, it is clear that not only these governors may not be able to read or decipher what they’ve read, but also have no problem with putting their citizens at risk. In other words, let the free market decide who lives or dies.

While the virus rages on, republicans would rather pretend everything is ok and putting in menial guidelines that protect nothing other than their extremely flimsy credibility and possibly some protection from lawsuits that will undoubtedly come from opening their states too soon. But they are bound and determined to make stupid choices, just like their voters did when they put these idiots in power.

The important part here is that rebel flag waving hillbillies and their families will be able to contract the epidemic while democrat governors are still doing everything in their power to stop freedumb and keep their citizens safe and continue to bend the curve.

It begs of the question, what’s more important here?  Grandma or a “Babby Gurl” tattoo? We know, and you do too. FREEDOM!!!!!

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