AOC Behind Brutal Liberal Assault of Kaitlin Bennet

2nd Amendment Patriot Lucky to Be Alive and Is Recovering

2nd Amendment advocate Kaitlin Bennet was assaulted by a mob of Antifa Socialists this weekend when visiting known hot-bed of liberalism, a college campus. Though not physically injured, Bennet reports that she was screamed at by counter-protestors, one person threw a cup of water in her direction, and another threw a roll of toilet paper on her car.

Her body guard had to navigate their way out of the riot, and reports that he is lucky to be alive.

Bennet had to remind a number of people there that she was armed but they were unafraid and laughed at her, her body guard told us in an exclusive sit-down.

It’s know been discovered that the Socialist Democrat calling herself “AOC” was behind the coordinated attack. Leaked communications with an Antifa cell on campus shows the “congress”“woman” ordering her horde of loyal college students to target the innocent White woman with vitriol.

“We know you shit your pants, Kaitlin” was heavily encouraged. Digging into this refrain, another strange conspiracy was uncovered, to which Ms. Bennet alleges someone shit in her pants while she was wearing them. She has since asked Q to get involved.

AOC is also suspected of shitting in Bennet’s pants, but for now, is only guilty of coordinating the brutal, Liberal Assault upon Ms. Bennet’s tiny, perfectly Aryan person.

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