Tiffany Trump Comes Out As A Socialist And Gets Herself Disowned

The President's daughter has been written out of the will for her political views

Every family has their black sheep, their out-cast, their square pegs. However, in a flawless and star-studded family like American Royalty, the Trumps, it is still a shocking and heart-breaking surprise to hear that one of their number is a filthy, pinko commie Socialist.

With a heavy heart, President Trump has made the decision to disown and disinherit his second daughter, from his second affair, Tiffany. This is according to a close family friend, who say that the bombshell decision was a long time coming.

Tiffany had long since been kept from the public eye and many have pondered the reasons behind that call. It has been confirmed that the reason was because Tiffany is an avowed Socialist. Her siblings have distanced themselves and have called repeatedly asked their father to remove the family name from her before she stains it.

The shoe dropped this Sunday, when during a visit to the White House, Tiffany made Malaria cry. The circumstances and fine details are as of yet unknown, but President Trump is reported to have bellowed “GET THAT DIRTY COMMUNIST OUT OF MY SIGHT!” before Secret Service Agents arrested Tiffany and escorted her outside of DC city limits.

Trump has directed his lawyer to write Tiffany out of the will, and forbade her from calling herself a “Trump” until she becomes a Republican again.

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